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Club travel volleyball

South Brooklyn Volleyball Club offers competitive club teams for girls. For the 2019-2020 season, we have formed 13U, 14U and 15U teams.

We practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn and all teams will attend three multi-day tournaments.  Additionally, all teams will play 3-5 other single day tournaments, for a total of 10-12 tournament days per team.  

South Brooklyn Volleyball Club will not travel on Easter / Passover weekend.

Club Guidelines & Expectations

  • General
    • Volleyball is a team sport.  We win and lose as a team, and will grow from each experience together.  Individual-maximizing behavior, on or off the court, will not be tolerated.  
    • Bring your best to each practice and tournament.  Coaches and teammates expect everyone to sleep well, eat well and be ready to play hard each time you hit the court.
    • On-court playing time is determined by effort, attitude and ability.  All team members will play at any given tournament, but some players will play more than others.  Coaches will make line-up decisions based on the best interest of the team competitiveness and season-long development.
    • Alcohol, tobacco or drug use - in any location, under any circumstance - are grounds for immediate dismissal without fee refund.
    • Accepting a position on the team means you are committing to the entire season calendar.   Our players are busy, well-rounded students and there are always conflicts with school activities and family travel.  Forms will be distributed at Kick-off Night for players to note these conflicts so coaches can ensure adequate commitment and plan ahead.
  • Communications
    • Please direct all administrative communications to Amy Thogmartin. 
    • Our coaches look forward to developing relationships with player's parents.  Appropriate topics include ways to help your child improve; coaches’ / club’s expectations for your child and team; and, team rules and requirements.
    • Any schedule changes, delays or other urgent messages will be posted on the website and emailed to the teams.
    • Teams typically form group chats that include the coaches to communicate schedule changes, specific plans, etc.  
    • Please respect our coaches and do not approach them to discuss playing time; game / practice strategies employed by the coach; or, other players.
  • Attire & Appearance
    • Represent South Brooklyn Volleyball Club with pride and self-respect.  Remember you are representing yourself, your team and your club while in uniform no matter where you are -- on the train, in a restaurant, at a tournament, etc.
    • Teams often plan to wear certain colors for each practice for team-building fun.  
    • Players shall arrive at tournaments dressed in warm-up suits and uniforms.
    • Hair must be tied up or braided.
    • No jewelry can be worn at practices or tournaments.  
  • Practices
    • All practices are mandatory.  Practice is the time the team gels, drills hard and soft skills, and prepares for competition.  Absences may be excused with prior notification for illnesses, family emergencies and holidays.  Please carefully review the club season calendar and complete and return the Conflict Survey.  
    • If a player becomes ill or can not make a practice or tournament at the last minute, please have the player contact the coaches directly.
    • Players should arrive at practice 5 minutes early and be ready to take the court at the appointed time.  Tardy teammates waste the entire team’s time.  Excessive tardiness will dramatically impact a player’s court time during tournaments.
    • Practices are closed to spectators - parents, caregivers, other coaches, etc are not allowed to stay during practice sessions.  
    • Players are to jog during practice; no walking.  Teams have limited time together and must make the most of it.
    • Excessive absences may result in dismissal without fee refund.
  • Tournaments
    • All tournaments are mandatory.  Tournaments are fun, social all-day or multi-day events, and are exhausting and exhilarating.  
    • From beginning to end, the teams will eat, rest, work and play together, under the coaches' direction.  Players are encouraged to relax with their teammates or do homework during rest periods.  However, they are not to leave the team during that time.
    • Arrival times can be as early as 7:00am and the last playing / working requirement may go as late as 6:00pm.
    • Parents and players are responsible for arranging transportation to all tournaments.  Carpools are encouraged and coaches will likely need rides from parents.  
    • Players / parents are responsible for arriving at the appointed time for each tournament.  If a player is late for a tournament, they will not play in the first match that day.
    • ​​​​​​​Benches shall stand for all games.  Each player is involved in each play, game, match whether they are on the court or on the bench.
    • ​​​​​​​Team will be dismissed once all playing and work requirements are met.  At most tournaments, teams are required to referee the first match after losing in a play-off round.  All players must stay until the team is finished and dismissed by the coach. 

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