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About South Brooklyn Volleyball
Goals & philosophy

Volleyball is a life-sport that can provide joy, fitness, competition and community from 6 - 96 years old.  We know that anyone, with dedication and the right resources, can learn the fundamentals and contribute on the court -- from park pick-up games and school intramural teams to competitive club and beyond.  The team skills, self-awareness and  interdependence capabilities that are reinforced by this interdependent game will serve players on and off the court in life. 

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Era l’antivigilia di Natale del 2015.
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Skills we teach
Club goals & commitments

Through the sport of volleyball, we aim to model and teach these life skills:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Discipline and the drive to excel
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness
  • A growth mindset of continuous learning and improvement

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Through our competitive Club / Travel programs, we commit to:

  • Practices

    Delivering twice-weekly practices that are comprehensive and well-planned with time for individual skill instruction, team skill instruction, and scrimmages.

  • Scrimmages & tournaments

    Maintaining a regular schedule of scrimmages and competitive tournaments that give players a chance to apply and hone their improving skills and play with a confident, winning attitude.

  • Respect & Expectations

    Respecting club members as serious athletes and expect in return dedicated volleyball players who are committed to effort, reliable participation, a willingness to learn, and teamwork.

Through our clinics and camps, we aim to:

  • Capture and cultivate the interest and talent of middle school-aged athletes to ensure a strong future for NYC volleyball.
  • Provide high quality development programs for all ages that inspire passion for the sport in less competitive settings.

Our team
Directors & Coaches

South Brooklyn Volleyball Club is very proud of our coaching staff.  We recruit experienced, talented volleyball players who also want to share their love of the sport with younger players.  Our coaches provide well-planned practices that allow time for individual skills instruction as well as game-like team development.  They live up to our ideals of providing a supportive environment in which the athletes can grow and develop to the high expectations set by the club.